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Webinar featuring Andrew Fish

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Identify key strategies to striking a balance between your art and your life. Listen to the dialogue between artists Andrew Fish and Danielle Festa about ways to blend your artistic career with the rest of your life.

Rather than assuming that your art and life are separate, and to be toggled between, we will examine how an integration of the two opens the possibility for greater creative insights and productivity.

How can you keep working as an artist, even while you’re not in the studio? What are the tools and resources that can help you bridge your daily obligations and your creative pursuits? How can you make your art not just a practice but a way of living? These and other important questions will be answered during the webinar.

Webinar featuring Mike Festa

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Virtual reality is about to move beyond the gaming niche. As it starts to roll out as a mainstream revolution, it will be applied to many different industries. The art, design and music world is about to experience a shift in the way media is absorbed along with new creation methods. Virtual reality program developer, Mike Festa, explains how this new technology will bring opportunities to creative professionals. With accessible price points, headsets are going to be available to the masses over the next year ranging from $10-$1,500.

This webinar is perfect for anyone curious about VR - whether you know nothing about it or you are a seasoned enthusiast. Artists, designers, musicians, filmmakers, animators, gamers and architects will especially find this enlightening.

Webinar featuring JennyMae Kho

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Another hat that should fit on all creative professionals is event planner! Make your next exhibition opening, book launch, album release, office party, fundraiser, celebration or creative gathering one to remember!

Learn tips on how to take your events to the next level with JennyMae Kho. We walk through some basics on how to make your next event a success. This webinar will introduce you to some critical components and potential pitfalls on the road to throwing a smooth and professional party. Get ready to start bringing your ideas to life!

Webinar featuring Katie Olsen

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Thanks to new technology and ease of reproduction, the stereotype of a "Starving Artist" is on its way out. Learn about the tools you can use to increase cash flow with your existing artwork, photography or graphics. Find new ways to share your creative vision with a wider audience and a variety of wallet sizes.

This is a perfect webinar for artists, designers and makers of all types. If you take the time to create something - make it a priority to digitize your work and find new ways to profit from it.

Webinar featuring Emily Worden

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People are uncomfortable with pricing because talking about money is often awkward, never mind when it's about your own work. Here's the thing - you started a business to sell your stuff, so it's time to get over anxiety about it. Emily Worden is going to show you how to price products or services and then own it. Never apologize for making a sale again.

Webinar featuring Marianne Aiello

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If done right, Twitter can be a powerful tool for creative professionals. Learn 12 tips to increase your Twitter presence without monopolizing your creative time. With just 10-20 minutes a day, you will gain the right type of followers and generate more interactions to expand your web presence.

If you signed up for twitter because you heard that you are supposed to, but now feel like you are tweeting to yourself - you are not alone. This webinar is a great opportunity to launch into the twitterverse with advice that will be easy to follow. I was joined by social media guru, Marianne Aiello.

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