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8 Life-Changing Resolutions to Make for 2018

Keeping yourself occupied and creatively engaged is very important regardless of your age, but it’s paramount for seniors enjoying their retirement. After all, the best way to make the most out of the free retirement time is to (re)discover some interesting hobbies and activities.

In the end, it’s what we do – choose what to do and what not to do – that will affect our happiness and fulfillment. Read more here.

8 Life-Changing Resolutions to Make for 2018

When making their New Year’s resolutions, many people are consciously setting themselves up for failure by making promises they won’t be able to keep for one reason or another. However, we all know that promises are much easier to keep when they are more meaningful, beneficial, and most importantly, realistic. So, when making your resolutions, focus on the things that could truly improve the quality of your life. If you could use some suggestions, here are eight you should consider.

Mike Casey

Q & A with Saxophonist Mike Casey

Saxophonist and composer Mike Casey has been a fixture on the Hartford jazz scene and beyond since 2008.

Read his interview with Creative Living Works here.

Avoid Burnout

More times than not, burnout happens quickly to those who decide they must make to sell if they want to succeed. Unlike other professions, the quality of your art isn't measured by what you earn. The best environment to establish yourself is to paint, sing, craft, dance ... like no one is watching.

Patience and attention to your craft is not a race but a journey! Take these steps to avoid burnout.

Feng Shui Your Creative Space

Is your environment setting the right tone for your creative energy to flow? Find out if you are balancing yin and yang in your studio, office or home. The ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui can be used to optimize productivity.

Here are six easy steps to get harmonizing your environment.

Align your chi and the rest will follow!

How to Transplant Gracefully

What do Mark Rothko, Marcel Duchamp, Edward Steichen and F. Scott Fitzgerald have in common? At one point in their life, they started over in a new place.

Maybe you aren’t traveling to a new continent, but if you find yourself being transplanted out of your geographic comfort zone, here are a few key tricks to keep yourself centered.

Got a BFA now what

Most college majors groom you for specific entry level job roles or even include a few internships to get you in the door. When it comes to a Bachelor in Fine Arts, many are left with refined skills but no clear career direction.

Depending on your concentration, you may have gone from weekly assignments, a thesis you could focus on and a team of instructors checking up on your work. Suddenly you are thrust into the world with student loans on your back, new bills to pay and you are the only one there to remind yourself to keep up your craft.

Read more here.

WTF is up with SEO

So you want to know how to direct traffic to your site.

Search engines use a complex algorithm (you still with me?). What that means is, there are several factors that determine where you show up on google, yahoo, bing, ect. But just because it’s complicated, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

You will need to dedicate some time, or pay someone to, in order to do this correctly.

Here are a few ways you can forge your way to being found.

diy frosted mirror doors

DIY frosted mirror closet doors

Update your closet doors with a modern sophisticated look at a quarter of the cost! If you ever looked for frosted glass closet doors, you’ll know they usually set you back $400-$500. You can get the same look by purchasing plain mirror sliding doors, painter’s tape and frosted glass spray paint - just $130!

Just follow my 5 easy steps with photo explainations here.

We are in the age of the entrepreneur, creatives forging their own way and challenging the 9-5 norm. There are so many ways to bring in flexible income while pursuing your dreams. Even if your passion isn’t the money-maker, there are some great options to support yourself in the meantime.

So start thinking out of the traditional box with the list below and if you haven’t already, join like-minded creatives by creating a free CLW account. - it’s a great resource for networking, new opportunities, and advice.
See the list here.

If you are working in your own in your home, studio or solo office, it is critical to get yourself out into the world, meeting new people from your industry. You must know what is going on and who is shaping the scene in your area and beyond.

Some of this can and should be done online but don’t forget it is important to attend openings, go to talks, meet-ups, networking events or performances among your peers. Not sure where to start? Read more here.

Why you should never pay to exhibit

If your are an artist trying to get noticed by the right people, never pay to exhibit your art or be featured in a publication. This will actually hurt your reputation in the art world, not help it. Entry fees are different - they often cover the administrative costs of selecting artwork. Read more here.

For some self-employed creative professionals (or part-time “moonlighting” creatives), tax season can be the equivalent of a nightmare…especially if they haven’t kept their accounting documentation and tax receipts up-to-date and organized throughout the year, but much like any serious project—creative or otherwise—once you master a few key techniques you are more likely to enjoy (or at least have a higher tolerance for) the process.

With this in mind, the tax experts at CPA for Freelancers® offer these tips.

Artists, musicians and freelancers are among the top groups that are vulnerable to scams. Since many of us work remotely or sell our work online, there are more opportunities for fraudulent interactions. The best thing we can do is share our experiences.

As creative professionals become more aware of these fake-outs, more effort is put into cons. Just this week I was very close to working with a “new client” who was very savvy at the game. Read more and avoid this client.

Copyright does that and more for the creative professional. It is a necessary companion for the success and livelihood of the working artist that extends that protection long after their career has past. Watch the recording of the talk by Attorney Ben Snitkoff of Modern Renaissance Legal hosted by the Somerville Arts Council.

Download materials


The "Interdisciplinary" exhibition was on display in January, 2016 at Washington Street gallery but it can be relived virtually any time, anywhere. Experience the art of 25 national, international and Boston area artists crossing creative fields in the subject matter, the medium or a combination of both. Walk through virtually with the 3D scan or attend the opening in 360. Of course, you could also go the traditional route and see the photo gallery.

Read more and see Exhibiting artists here.

Selecting a harmonious color theme can be a daunting task. This powerful wheel can be a great starting point for any design project, branding your business, inspiration for your artwork, developing a party theme or redecorating your living room. You may have heard of this interactive pallet (it used to be called kuler), now it is referred to simply as the adobe color wheel.

Read more here.

You are probably more valuable than you think.

Focus is important, but if you are not diversifying your skills, you are missing out on opportunities. If you are creative by nature - you are already valuable. But are you taking advantage of all of your potential?

Read more here.

“The first thing I do when I think of an event is to nail down the big picture. Stop, pull back and immerse in the moment to imagine what your event could be.”

If you missed the live webinar, “Rock the Party: How to host a successful event” presented by JennyMae Kho - here are some key takeaways.

Anne Patterson

I had a wonderful chat with Installation and Fine Synesthetic artist, Anne Patterson today. She is a true inspiration as a professional artist who makes creative living work.

Beginning her career as a set designer, Patterson was able to use her creative talents to generate income. During this time and throughout her life’s journey, she has always been producing visual art.

Read more here.

Jump-start your creative career with a one on one, personalized consultation.

Schedule a one hour webcam appointment from anywhere or stop by for an in-person meeting in Dover, NH.

Whether you are just starting out or looking for a change in the professional course you are on, Danielle will work with you to come up with a custom plan to make your creative goals a reality.

Book a session here.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Taking on New Clients

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