Creative Living Works

Why crossing industries is the key to creative success

You are probably more valuable than you think.

Focus is important, but if you are not diversifying your skills, you are missing out on opportunities. If you are creative by nature - you are already valuable. But are you taking advantage of all of your potential?

Create an etsy shop, freelance your skills, create websites, write blogs, teach a workshop, mend clothing, photograph artwork or consult or craft for events. The only thing holding you back is yourself. 

We are all guilty of this. For some reason, doing something for ourselves seems indulgent. It is important to resist making excuses. But where can I start? I should do this, but I am too busy... But my dog will eat my crafting supplies...  Going back to school is too expensive... Not if you begin learning skills from your living room at Creative Living Works. Sign up as a member and start learning something new today (not tomorrow or next week!)

Being able to do multiple things for yourself and for others is the ultimate goal but it is also crazy to think we can do everything ourselves. One of the reasons I founded Creative Living Works is because we also feel better hiring each other for gigs. Some of my favorite design clients are other creative professionals. Working with someone who wants you to use your imagination, get experimental or collaborate is the best. For one, they will also probably not ask you to try red font on a black background! (This and other ridiculous requests come my way when designing websites...) So start networking with others members in creative fields who can fill in the blanks for you. You can also set up a profile in 5 minutes that will allow others to hire you.

So no more excuses, let’s expand your potential and marketability.

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