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Illuminating the Path to Creative Success: an Interview with Anne Patterson

I had a wonderful chat with Installation and Fine Synesthetic artist, Anne Patterson today. She is a true inspiration as a professional artist who makes creative living work.

Beginning her career as a set designer, Patterson was able to use her creative talents to generate income. During this time and throughout her life’s journey, she has always been producing visual art. While theater design transitioned to film set design- which evolved into large scale installation art, she has continued to paint, draw and sculpt in the traditional sense as well.

Her installation (pictured on the right), ‘The Light Between’ was at 125 High Street in Boston. Beautiful photos and a time lapse video of the assembly are on her website at

Patterson advises emerging artists to incorporate creativity into any money-making endeavors when possible. For example, a paralegal job might make you a good salary, but it won’t necessarily fulfill your artistic needs.

Another great tip from Patterson is to collaborate often. As artists we may tend to try to do everything on our own. From working with a life coach to teaming with engineers, Patterson has evolved as an artist and visionary by allowing others to share their experience and advice.

I look forward to seeing what visually stunning projects will come from the imagination of Anne Patterson in the future. Follow her on twitter and facebook to watch for new work from this talented New York City based artist.

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