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Hosting a successful event

hosting a successful event “The first thing I do when I think of an event is to nail down the big picture. Stop, pull back and immerse in the moment to imagine what your event could be.”

If you missed the live webinar, “Rock the Party: How to host a successful event” presented by JennyMae Kho - here are some key takeaways. To see the full webinar recording, click here or download the slides here.

When deciding on where to host your event, don’t dismiss the blank slate for a venue! An out of the box place can help create a memorable environment. Just be sure to consider the elements you may need to build in. Do you need to bring furniture? Is there a plan b for weather if it is outdoors?

Food can be a great thematic element and a conversion starter. Play with the senses of smell and taste to set the scene. Avoid messy and complicated food, focus on finger food that allows them to continue moving around and interacting at your event. Also have some vegan options - it covers many alternate diets. 

“The fantastic part about music is that it carries energy with it”

If you want live music, book early and treat your musicians well. Make sure the set up meets their requirements. Even with live music, have a back-up playlist for in between sets. Consider the level of volume, do you want to encourage people dance or talk - or both? Don’t remind guests about their last terrible break-up, be thoughtful about your playlist.

Decor can be more than just visual stimulation. Take the opportunity to make allow guests to engage with different elements.

“The best events are active, not passive.”

Try engaging activities that draw everyone in at once or independent activities that allow guests to interact on their own time. Especially in networking events or parties that bring together new audiences, these can be a great conversation platform.

If you are working within a budget, work backwards and nail down your biggest expenses first. Keep in mind that little things add up, so track everything.

Do a moonwalk timeline to structure your key benchmarks.

When getting the word out - don’t be afraid to be bold! Try out guerrilla promotion, go ahead and do something crazy to get buzz going. Make sure you have a cohesive and informative landing page to send people.

Finally, be part of your event. Don’t let the experience go by why you are in the back cooking. Find a way to prioritize engaging with guests and immersing yourself in the action.

With event planning, there are many moving parts. To learn about each essential element, watch the full webinar recording here or download the slides here.

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