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diy frosted mirror closet doors

diy frosted mirror closet doors

Update your closet doors with a modern sophisticated look at a quarter of the cost! If you ever looked for frosted glass closet doors, you’ll know they usually set you back $400-$500. You can get the same look by purchasing plain mirror sliding doors, painter’s tape and frosted glass spray paint - just $130! Just follow my steps below and join as a free member for more creative tips.

diy closet doors 1. Choose your design and measure accordingly.

I decided to go with four rectangular blocks on each panel. You could also get fancy and do diamonds, vertical stripes or cross hatching. For this design I used 1.5 inch painters tape and measured 3 inches from each side then 17.25 inches down for each horizontal stripe. Double check your own measurements before you start taping. Then you can mark off with tiny pieces of tape on your mirror. It’s also handy to have a level nearby to avoid drunken lines. Unless you are going for the wavy look. Smooth down the edges to ensure a nice hard line.

2. Prep your spray mirror closet doors Ideally it is a good idea to do this outside. If you are doing it inside, be sure to have windows open and the ability to close off the room while it drys and fumes are strong. Use plastic to block off all sides/top/bottom. I used the plastic that the closet doors came in. If you are spraying outside, try to avoid really windy days or doing it right under a tree dropping leaves or excessive pollen.

diy closet doors 3. Spray and repeat
Follow the directions on your spray can and start on the top, spraying side to side evenly, making your way down. Now leave it for 2 mins. If you are spraying inside, wait in another room. After waiting, return and repeat spraying another coat. I ended up spraying 7 coats. It is up to you how many you want to do.

4. The big reveal!

This is the best part obviously. Wait another 10 minutes after your last coat. Slowly peal back your tape. If any corners or lines aren’t perfect, you can use a razor blade to carefully straighten out.

5. Brag to your friends and family

Everyone needs to know you did this yourself - credit where credit is due! Pat yourself on the back and come join creative individuals like yourself!

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