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Creative Retirement and How to Master Your Third Act

Guest blog by Claire Adams

Creative Retirement and How to Master Your Third Act

Keeping yourself occupied and creatively engaged is very important regardless of your age, but it’s paramount for seniors enjoying their retirement. After all, the best way to make the most out of the free retirement time is to (re)discover some interesting hobbies and activities. What’s more, engaging in mental/social/physical stimulation of hobbies and activities is extremely healthy, and especially for the elderly. Not only is this beneficial for boosting the brain power, but spending time doing things you thoroughly enjoy is crucial for happiness and overall content in life. Aside from that, group activities are great for socializing and making new friends, which is something you should never stop seeking once retired. As you spend time with others and promote imagination and creativity, you’ll get to learn even more things about yourself, and, once again, witness that life is a never-ending journey for knowledge.

  1. Creative hobbies and activities

    If you’ve been an artistic soul, your retirement may be the perfect opportunity to get in touch with your inner artist. For starters, painting is a great way to spend your free time and have fun. This will allow you to express yourself better while improving the hand-eye coordination. Aside from painting, scrapbooking is also an interesting activity many seniors can enjoy. This creative process is not only entertaining and unique, but it also allows you to take a trip to the past, which is a great mental exercise. If you’re interested in something truly original, you can also try making your own mosaics. Feel free to use whatever materials you’d like as you get to boost your dexterity and creativity.

  2. Make a move

    If you lack ideas, will and/or opportunity to discover and enjoy various fun activities, and especially if you feel like you don’t have your own group of friends you can share these moments with, you should undoubtedly make the first move to improving your retirement lifestyle. For example, there are various luxury retirement villages for seniors that organize get-togethers and plenty of interesting courses and activities so that people can easily master and enrich their third act of life, by enjoying the company of their peers.

  3. Mind-challenging activities

    There are numerous different games you can play, and especially board games, that will keep challenging you to use your mind and thus boost and exercise your brain power. Not only are these games fun and addictive, but they also allow for a great social gathering since you can play with your friends and acquaintances. Have a hard time choosing the best board games? Why don’t you try out Chess, Scrabble, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Reminiscing and/or Senior Moments?

  4. Get fit(ter) and healthier for the third act

    Exercising is not something many people like to do, and, obviously, seniors should never force their bodies and joints too much. However, there are plenty of physical activities that are extremely beneficial for the overall health and happiness. The best thing is that these activities can also be done in groups or as part of courses, which only intensifies the fun. Two most popular activities undoubtedly include swimming and dancing. Not only are these activities engaging and entertaining, but aside from making your fitter, they also help with improving your heart, lungs, brain power and blood circulation.

  5. Sharpen your mind

    Aside from mind-challenging activities such as board games, there are plenty of other options for seniors to enjoy their free time and sharpen their mind at the same time. For instance, puzzles are some of the most popular forms of entertainment for the elderly, especially since there are special ones made specifically for seniors. Even though they feature a huge amount of pieces and can be quite complex, they still boost problem-solving skills and eye dexterity. Moreover, crosswords and Sudoku are also a great way to get your mind into gear.

There’s so much more waiting for you as you step into the third act of life so don’t hesitate to seize every opportunity to learn something new, enjoy yourself and socialize with both hands. In the end, it’s what we do – choose what to do and what not to do – that will affect our happiness and fulfillment. Why waste time when there’s a whole new world waiting for you to discover it?

Claire is a personal and professional development expert who believes that a positive attitude is one of the keys to success. Feel free to reach her on facebook or twitter.

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