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Got a BFA now what

Most college majors groom you for specific entry level job roles or even include a few internships to get you in the door. When it comes to a Bachelor in Fine Arts, many are left with refined skills but no clear career direction.

Depending on your concentration, you may have gone from weekly assignments, a thesis you could focus on and a team of instructors checking up on your work. Suddenly you are thrust into the world with student loans on your back, new bills to pay and you are the only one there to remind yourself to keep up your craft.

My advice is to keep organized and not let your creative time get lost in the shuffle. That is why I have started a kickstarter to prioritize your passion along with your responsibilities with the Creative Living Planner. Back the project to reserve yours. By focusing on what concrete goals we can reasonably accomplish and rewarding ourselves with visual accolades, we can reinforce productivity. 

I remember one of my painting instructors pulled me aside at my thesis exhibition and said:

“Danielle, it is going to be really hard when you graduate. The most important thing is to show your work as often as you can. Work on getting your name out there. Find side jobs that support you. Try walking in to storefronts and asking if they need window display art. Do whatever you can to get by and keep painting.”

So I did. It wasn’t easy, but I stayed the course and kept my creative time a priority when nannying, taking green screen photos at Bar Mitzvahs and freelancing. I tried to spend equal time applying to exhibitions as I did for gigs.

Always look for opportunities to share your craft and try to think outside the box when it comes to finding gigsAs you put yourself out there, also be cautious of scams and try not to get excited about emails, phone calls or texts until you know it is legitimate and does not cost money for inclusion. 

If you haven’t already, sign up as a free member of Creative Living Works to be part of a supportive community of creative professionals. Keep learning new things, meet like-minded role models and stay the course!

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