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8 Life-Changing Resolutions to Make for 2018

Guest blog by Claire Adams

8 Life-Changing Resolutions to Make for 2018

When making their New Year’s resolutions, many people are consciously setting themselves up for failure by making promises they won’t be able to keep for one reason or another. However, we all know that promises are much easier to keep when they are more meaningful, beneficial, and most importantly, realistic. So, when making your resolutions, focus on the things that could truly improve the quality of your life. If you could use some suggestions, here are eight you should consider.

  1. Learn New Things

    Knowledge is one of the most valuable “things” you can possess, so one resolution you can never go wrong with is improving it. It doesn’t matter what you choose to learn, as long as you find it enjoyable. Therefore, think about what you’ve always wanted to know but could never find the time to learn and this year, find the time. Plus, who knows, that interesting hobby you couldn’t dedicate to before could turn out to be an enjoyable and lucrative side-job.

  2. Conquer your fears

    We all have fears, and while some of them are quite justified and reasonable, there are also some that need to be conquered in order for you to move forward in life. For example, if you are a student who has always wanted to study in a foreign country like Australia, you might be afraid of the unknown environment. Luckily, there is amazing student accommodation in Brisbane that would make your stay much more comfortable and all your fears related to studying abroad much easier to handle.

  3. Don’t be afraid of change

    Just like you shouldn’t be afraid of the change of environment when choosing to study abroad, you shouldn’t be afraid of any other potential changes either regardless of whether they are related to your personal life or your professional one. They are normal “side effects” of time passing by, so if you feel like your job is no longer fulfilling or that your love life has become too predictable, don’t panic. Accept that changes in life are unavoidable and see what you can do to get back on track.

  4. Work on your relationships

    Quality relationships are hard to make, so cherish the ones you have. Spend more time with your family, find more time for your friends no matter how busy you are, and try to introduce some excitement into your love life. Moreover, issues and disagreements are a normal part of every relationship, but instead of ignoring them, no matter how difficult to face they might be, promise yourself that this year, you will work on fixing them.

  5. Organize your time

    Most of us are guilty of procrastinating, so as one of the resolutions, try to spend your time more wisely. Get rid of distractions while working, plan your work schedule in advance, and start your projects a day earlier than you usually would. If you manage to fulfill this resolution, you will be less stressed out and much more productive. Not to mention that you will have much more free time for more enjoyable activities.

  6. Exercise more

    Exercising is extremely important for your health, but most people make a mistake by setting goals that are too unrealistic for them at that moment. For instance, if you know that you’re not a generally active person, don’t promise yourself to get up every morning at 5 am and run a mile – that’s not going to happen. Instead, start by taking longer walks, and when you improve your stamina a bit, switch to running. This way, your body will handle the strain much better, and you will have a much easier time getting used to leading a more active lifestyle.

  7. Eat healthier

    Eating healthier is beneficial for both your physical and your mental health. Thus, promise yourself that you will stop eating junk food and introduce more healthy foods into your diet. Don’t stuff yourself with sweets either – there are many healthy alternatives that are just as sweet and delicious. Stick to your new, healthier diet and you will quickly notice the difference as you will feel much more energized, and you will have an easier time focusing on your work.

  8. Have fun

    Next to all the resolutions – which can be quite exhausting – make sure to have some fun as well. Dedicate a few hours every week just to your own needs, and do whatever makes you happy and helps you relax – read a book, listen to music, watch your favorite TV show, or enjoy a nice bubble bath. We all need to rest and recharge our batteries from time to time, so be grateful for what you’ve already achieved, and don’t hesitate to take a small break when you start feeling like your motivation is fading.

The holiday season is time for making resolutions that should help us become better versions of ourselves. So, think about what you can do to improve your lifestyle, and don’t make promises that are too unrealistic or impractical – the more beneficial and reasonable your promises are, the more likely you are to keep them. In other words, focus on the most important aspects of your life that could use some improvement, and you will be much more motivated to turn your ideas into a reality.

Claire is a personal and professional development expert who believes that a positive attitude is one of the keys to success. You can find her online writing and giving tips about lifestyle and development as a regular contributor at

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