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50 Flexible Income Gig Ideas

50 Flexible Income Gig Ideas

We are in the age of the entrepreneur, creatives forging their own way and challenging the 9-5 norm. Freelancing isn’t for everyone, check out a free checklist to figure out if you should be your own boss. For those who meet the criteria to manage multiple avenues, there are so many ways to bring in flexible income while pursuing your dreams. Even if your passion isn’t the money-maker, there are some great options to support yourself in the meantime. Start off by offering a deal to friends and family to gain experience and ask in return that they spread the word about your new gig.

So start thinking out of the traditional box with the list below and if you haven’t already, join like-minded creatives by creating a free CLW account. - it’s a great resource for networking, new opportunities, and advice. 

  1. Etsy shop owner
  2. Blogger
  3. Personal organizer
  4. Hand signage painter/ muralist
  5. Store window designer
  6. Event decorator
  7. Freelance photographer
  8. Artwork photographer
  9. Videographer for business ads 
  10. Infographic designer
  11. Social media manager
  12. SEO specialist
  13. Workshop instructor
  14. Curator for local businesses
  15. Artist retreat rental manager
  16. Web designer
  17. Illustrator
  18. Live musician 
  19. Public speaking coach
  20. Voice actor
  21. Vintage/antique restorer
  22. Cake/cupcake decorator
  23. Calligrapher 
  24. Wedding crafter 
  25. Dance/yoga instructor 
  26. Copy editor 
  27. Animator for startups 
  28. Family video conversion 
  29. House stager 
  30. Personal party chef or wine expert
  31. Craft night organizer 
  32. Scrapbooker 
  33. Branding consultant 
  34. Stylist 
  35. Cookbook author 
  36. Ghostwriter 
  37. Travel reviewer
  38. Museum or gallery guide
  39. App developer
  40. House stager
  41. Garden/ landscape expert
  42. Album artist
  43. Grant writer
  44. English tutor
  45. Photo retoucher
  46. IT consultant
  47. Kid’s party entertainment
  48. Handyman(or woman)
  49. Copy writer
  50. Slide/photo/vhs converter 

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