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If you work from home, you may have heard people say...

While this is true, it may not be the most motivating way to work. Getting dressed and ready for the day tends to wake you up and get you fired up to take on the day. Of course everyone is different, but with google hangouts and the occasional package I need to sign for - I find it is good to put on pants.

This doesn't mean you should squeeze into that pencil skirt or throw on your best tie, but it doesn't hurt to dress to impress - yourself! There is a connection between productivity and wearing an outfit ready to take on the day.

So resist the temptation to slink out of bed and onto your computer with your Frozen pajama pants and star wars tee. They will be waiting for you again at the end of the day along and will feel extra comfy and rewarding then.

(PS: I recommend the thankfully still trending leggings for women... basically pajamas. Guys, I'm sorry fashion hasn't given you the comfy equivalent yet!)

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