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Below find creative tips, tools and interviews with real professionals making it in the artworld. Interested in sharing your own inspiration in a guest blog? Read these guidelines first, then submit to Guest blogging scores you 100 collab points! (Earn a free course with 500)

diy frosted mirror doors

DIY frosted mirror closet doors

Update your closet doors with a modern sophisticated look at a quarter of the cost! If you ever looked for frosted glass closet doors, you’ll know they usually set you back $400-$500. You can get the same look by purchasing plain mirror sliding doors, painter’s tape and frosted glass spray paint - just $130!

Just follow my 5 easy steps with photo explainations here.


The "Interdisciplinary" exhibition was on display in January, 2016 at Washington Street gallery but it can be relived virtually any time, anywhere. Experience the art of 25 national, international and Boston area artists crossing creative fields in the subject matter, the medium or a combination of both. Walk through virtually with the 3D scan or attend the opening in 360. Of course, you could also go the traditional route and see the photo gallery.

Read more and see Exhibiting artists here.

Selecting a harmonious color theme can be a daunting task. This powerful wheel can be a great starting point for any design project, branding your business, inspiration for your artwork, developing a party theme or redecorating your living room. You may have heard of this interactive pallet (it used to be called kuler), now it is referred to simply as the adobe color wheel.

Read more here.

You are probably more valuable than you think.

Focus is important, but if you are not diversifying your skills, you are missing out on opportunities. If you are creative by nature - you are already valuable. But are you taking advantage of all of your potential?

Read more here.

“The first thing I do when I think of an event is to nail down the big picture. Stop, pull back and immerse in the moment to imagine what your event could be.”

If you missed the live webinar, “Rock the Party: How to host a successful event” presented by JennyMae Kho - here are some key takeaways.

Anne Patterson

I had a wonderful chat with Installation and Fine Synesthetic artist, Anne Patterson today. She is a true inspiration as a professional artist who makes creative living work.

Beginning her career as a set designer, Patterson was able to use her creative talents to generate income. During this time and throughout her life’s journey, she has always been producing visual art. While theater design transitioned to film set design- which evolved into large scale installation art, she has continued to paint, draw and sculpt in the traditional sense as well.

Read more here.

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