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2017: The year of doing what you love

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The Creative Living Planner is designed to help you prioritize your passion and manage the rest of your life. The most common challenge artists, writers, musicians and freelancers face is time management. We have many layers of responsibilities, projects and ideas that need to fit into our week. By focusing on what concrete goals we can reasonably accomplish and rewarding ourselves with visual accolades, we can reinforce productivity.

Get your very own Creative Living Planner in time to make 2017 your most productive year. Choose the planner set and it comes with accolade stickers a double sided colored pencil and a mechanical pencil.

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The Creative Living Planner Method

What is the best work you've ever done? Now picture what the next masterpiece will look like. Maybe it is already a well defined idea or perhaps it is just the start of a concept. Use the Creative Living Planner as a time management tool in order to create an environment where this idea and others like it can thrive.

Identify your goals each week

What does your ideal week look like and how do you actually spend your time? Discover both. Learn from your progress or lack there of in order to improve on your time management skills.

Start by taking a guess at how many hours you would like to spend in each category. As the weeks progress, you can adjust your hourly goals based on what is practical and beneficial. Write in your own categories if you have other ways you want to spend your time.

Choose your goals each Monday morning, keep record in the calendar days throughout the week, then tally your actual hours on Sunday evening. Reward yourself with a sticker if you hit your goal or exceed it!

List, prioritize and rate your tasks

Use the to-do list to write down all upcoming tasks that need to get done. Use the two boxes to rate these tasks by priority (1 being the lowest, 5 being the highest) and by difficulty (D= difficult, M= moderate, E= easy, F= fun).

Try doing your high priority and difficult tasks during your most productive hours. Schedule your low priority and easy tasks for your low energy times of day.

Don't forget to check off tasks as they get done! Anything left undone can carry over.

Fill out your week

Reference your to-do list and fill in your weekly tasks at the optimal times. Use your mechanical pencil so plans can adjust.

Try using your colored pencils to shade in hours spent, alternate to easily calculate your goal time later. You may find using symbols helpful, experiment with what keeps you organized.

Week to week, this will get easier and you will start to find your rhythm!

Take advantage of the inspiration space and color in the line artwork to relax. Enjoy tid bits of advice each week and share your progress with Creative Living Works.

Discover your full creative, personal and professional potential!

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