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Deborah Leipziger

I am a poet, author, professor and consultant. My chapbook, Flower Map, was published in 2013.

For Hire I am available to write, edit, and advise on a wide range of writing projects, from writing reports, editing, and advising on writing college essays.

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My poetry is inspired by my many countries. I was born in Brazil to European parents who fled the Holocaust, and these journeys are integrated into my poems, reflecting the experience of leaving and returning, of homecoming. Through my work as an author and sustainability consultant, I have worked and traveled throughout Latin America, Asia, Europe, and Africa. The themes of maps and boundaries are transposed in my work. As a mother of three daughters, I seek to create and preserve memory for myself and my daughters. My poems are a form of amber in which the life, debris, and chaos of mothering and living are layered into memory. Currently, I am a Senior Fellow at the Lewis Institute at Babson.

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