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Gretchen Ann Graham

Documentary & fine art photographer, working primarily with 35mm, silver-based film

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I seek to communicate the essence of Place in my work; the need for each other; and our relationship to the Other. Ken Heyman, Eugene Atget, James Nachtwey, and Mary Ellen Mark are my photographic mentors; and I seek to photograph as beautifully as Lord Dunsany wrote. I began photographing at age 16, and after pouring over Ken Heyman's "All the World's Family" in 1983, knew another way to realize an internal vision had found me. Writing was first, but I know I was born at the right time when I think of what photography has afforded me. I work primarily in 35mm format using silver-based film, and make my prints in a wet darkroom. Since 2011 I've also included my cell phone—currently a Galaxy S4—as part of my tools.

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