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Meet a CLW member by clicking on their thumbnail below. Connect on social channels, see their work and find out if they offer services for hire. Working with other creative professionals is a great experience. Sometimes we think we can do everything ourselves, but it is important to delegate too!

A London based Italian artist creating surrealistic and psychological paintings.
Heather Balchunas
artist, designer, illustrator, and muralist
lynda bathory
Designing Your Future Lifestyle Today
Hanne Bernstein
Jewelry designer specializing in crochet and Viking knit.
Dina Gjertsen
I am a Somerville-based artist. I teach at Parts and Crafts and run the Somerville Tool Library.
I am as a clinical social worker helping others and an artist for myself.
Michelle Holland
I combine beachcombing and books
Becky Hoven
Sewer, crafty, vegan, cynical dreamer
JennyMae Kho
Professional idea man, jack-of-all-trades and event enthusiast!
Barbara Lane
Digital Artist, Graphic Designer, Brand Strategist, Author, Entrepreneur
Rene Madrazo
ArtGo Logistics is a single-source service provider for both domestic and int'l fine art Shipping
Gina Nobile
Creative and funny writer and crafter.
Beth Smedley
Professional graphic designer for over 20 years. National and international clients.
Caitlin Stuff
Cait is an interactive designer, writer, and active crafter. She makes jewelry, art dolls, comics.
Christina Veysey
I am an aspiring Fashion Designer and Makeup Artist. I am married with 3 children & 1 grandchild
Emily Worden
Speaker, Entrepreneur, Business Coach, and Author of Make. Sell. Repeat.

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